Yeah. We're home.

August 23rd, 2013 | Written by Jo

We are home, we are happy, we are ALL pink in color and there are zero Portnoy family members using oxygen!

Clara is doing awesome, it’s like we have a normal baby or something! I am trying my hand back at work while Grammy stays with Clara. Work doesn’t feel like it matters that much anymore, our perspective is so different now (we still work hard and appreciate that our employers pay us for the good work that we do — to be 100% clear to our employers if they are reading).

This weekend we are going to Colonial Williamsburg. Its going to be our first family vacation.

Is this normal life we are in?!? Have we arrived to normalcy?!?

We are happy.

The year mark for Clara’s diagnosis was on August 21 and the Fetal intervention was one year ago on Tuesday, August 28. Joe and I aren’t sure what to say about it. We are different people, we are still changing and learning to be Clara’s parents. We will probably never be able to say we feel secure about her future. We still mourn all the struggles Clara has had and all the ones we know are in her future. We love her with all our of hearts and hope it helps make up for the fact she only has half of hers. She has made us a family. She has taught us how to love better. We want all she has, doesn’t have and everything that comes with the Clara package. We love being Clara’s parents and I don’t blame you if you are jealous.

Lord willing, Clara will not have another open heart surgery for almost 2 years! God has been so good to our family.

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