Surgery July 8th

July 7th, 2014 | Written by Jo

Tuesday Morning, Clara is first case for a stomach surgery to close her g-tube site. It was supposed to close on its own, right? Turns out she is in the super minority of kids whose G-tube sites do not close on their own.

She has a pin hole sized opening that leaks smelly stomach juices. It soaks her bandage and her clothes, so we play fashion show some days, rotating through multiple outfits and refreshing the gauze.

The scar she has, will end up smaller than what is there, which I’m happy about. I’ve realized I’m pretty sensitive about wanting her to feel as normal as possible.

We feel at peace about this quick procedure, it should only take 30 minutes after she is under anesthesia. Anesthesia is probably the biggest risk here.

We covet your prayers over Clara and as always, here are practical ways to pray for us as we head to the hospital super early tomorrow.

  • For there to be no complications, that she recovers so well we can do this as an outpatient.

  • That she is spared fear as she is more and more aware of what is going on.

  • For safety for her body as she goes under general anesthesia.

  • For Joe and I to wait in peace for her

  • Thankfulness for Clara’s surgeon who ended up being the chief of general surgery/plastic surgery. I love that we always get the best doctors.

Thank you sweet faithful friends!

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