Hurling into Monday

July 27th, 2013 | Written by Jo

Thursday we got discharged, Clara had only puked once that day so we were feeling ok about the meds starting to work.Turns out the puking isn’t over, it’s back in full force. I’ve been ready to walk her right back into Chlidren’s about three times already.

I’ve been talking to Dr. Tworetzky, and Terra (her NP) the whole time. Following his direction I stopped giving her food to stop the puking today. I am giving her some partial feeds, but it’s mostly just pedialite and she is handling that ok-ish.

Cardiac babies are typically professionals at the projectile vomit - but not Clara,this is new territory for us and I’m so thankful for all her chub right now.

Clara is so tired these days. I just can’t tell you how much I love my Mom for being here. She just takes a vomit covered Clara, pulls her into her arms and rocks her to sleep.

Monday is our checkup to see if we can go home to DC. I have NO IDEA how it will go. I want to go home, but not until she is totally healthy. I really want to go home.

We are praying that her medicines start working and she really does stop puking! Also that we can continue in hospital housing past Wednesday if we have to stay.

Love you all - here is my Lovie… tasting her first food. IMG_3785


Her face is 90% cheeks. IMG_3679

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